The Ministry of Culture and the Passports Directorate release the "Year of Arabic Calligraphy" stamp

The Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior represented by the General Directorate of Passports, launched the "Year of Arabic Calligraphy" stamp on the passports of those coming to the Kingdom through the airports of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, starting from Friday, with the aim of raising travelers' awareness of the importance of Arabic calligraphy and consolidating pride in the Arab identity and culture. This step is part of several initiatives to activate the "Year of Arabic Calligraphy" initiative, launched by the Ministry of Culture, with the support of the Quality of Life Program, one of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 realization programs, and aims to highlight the art of Arabic calligraphy as a stand-alone art that reflects the richness of the Arabic language and its written aesthetics. The seal bears the slogan “The Year of Arabic Calligraphy” written in the unbroken thuluth script, translated into English, to introduce non-Arabic-speaking visitors to this initiative. It had implemented many initiatives to support the "Year of Arabic Calligraphy", the most important of which was the launch of the name of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Dar Al-Qalam for Arabic Calligraphy in Medina, and making it a global platform for calligraphers and calligraphers from various countries of the world. Then came the launch of the "Al Khattat" platform, which is the first integrated electronic platform for teaching Arabic calligraphy and its arts. Then, in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports, it launched a campaign to Arabize the names of players on club shirts during this season's sports competitions. It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Culture launched the "Year of Arabic Calligraphy" initiative in 2020 and extended it to include 2021, with the aim of giving it greater permanence through numerous projects and initiatives that affirm the Kingdom's support and embrace of Arabic calligraphy.