The Ministry of Culture dedicates a musical instrument to the "Saudi Cup"

The Ministry of Culture has donated a musical instrument to the horse racing club designed for the second edition of the "Saudi Cup", which will be held at King Abdulaziz Equestrian Square in Janadriyah on February 19 and 20, which is one of the most expensive horse races in the world with a total of prizes amounting to more than 30 million Dollars, with the participation of the most famous horsemen and knights from all over the world. The musical piece comes under the supervision of the Music Authority and is the product of the efforts of an international creative team led by the Saudi musician Mamdouh Saif, who envisioned the musical instrument through which the various stages of horse racing, starting from the moment of preparation and preparation, passing through mixed feelings in the race journey, such as the dream of victory, hope, adventure, challenge and persistence, and finally Moments of victory and victory, in a musical expression that reflects the depth of horse's attachment to culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The piece was performed by Mamdouh Seif, the Japanese musician Yuki Yamamato, the Egyptian musician Amir Abdul Majeed, and a group of Egyptian musicians, with the participation of the London Musical Orchestra. The implementation operations took place in studios in Jeddah, Dubai, the Egyptian capital Cairo, and Abbey Road studios in the British capital, London. The duration of the prestige is two minutes and thirty seconds, and it will be broadcast during the period of the "Saudi Cup" between the runs of the race, and at the entrance to the horse racing club, in addition to the breaks in the interior and television spaces. It is noteworthy that the "Saudi Cup" is organized by the Horse Racing Club, which is one of the main races in the world. The Ministry of Culture is participating in its second edition with an integrated cultural program that includes music, fashion, cooking, heritage, Arabic calligraphy and visual arts, and reflects the value that horses occupy as an integral part of the Saudi cultural identity. .